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February 21, 2011 / Tye Cobb

I Actually Watched The NBA All Star Game

And these were my exact thoughts:

  • How is Lamar Odom not in the starting lineup?
  • How can the East lose?
  • Oh shit, Kobe’s trying
  • John Legend and his girlfriend are sitting courtside.  Damn she’s good looking.  And funny.  Check out her twitter
  • Ray Allen shoots a straight airball.  Bieber laughs
  • They need to improve the sound quality on this halftime show.  Kanye sounds like garbage
  • Does Blake Griffin only score on dunks?
  • Kobe dunks, LeBron fails
  • LeBron starts beasting to the hoop; would literally kill any person attempting to take a charge
  • Durant closes
  • Kobe wins MVP
  • The ending of the Penguins/Blackhawks game was 10x better than the entirety of this All Star match

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