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February 1, 2011 / Tye Cobb

One Epic Winter

Here in the Northeast, we have gathered more snow than I can ever remember.  Usually we get hit with one big snow storm each year.  I think we’re at three already.  I really don’t feel like going outside to measure, but I’m pretty sure we have about 3 ft. of snow in our yard right now, with more on it’s way. That’s pretty fucking crazy.  We’re aiming for 4 ft. of snow on the ground, total, depending how this next storm goes.  This is the type of shit you tell your kids.  I’ve always been fascinated by my parent’s stories of the blizzard of 78′ and always wish each winter we get a storm of equivalent magnitude.  Well, I think this will be the closest I’ll ever get to seeing something of that nature.  I know people are starting to get sick of the snow because it’s getting to be too much.  I say fuck that, keep the snow coming.  I want to see records broken.  I want at least 5 ft. of snow on the ground at one point this winter so that I can fulfill my lifelong dream of creating a series of snow tunnels through my yard.  Winter of 2011 mofos.

Also, if you don’t like snow, move down south.  I guarantee you’ll end up missing it, because really, who the fuck wants to celebrate Christmas in 60-70 degree weather.  Crazy people, that’s who.


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