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January 28, 2011 / Tye Cobb

Charlie Sheen & His Awesome Weekend

If one thing in this world is certain, Charlie Sheen has a thing for cocaine and hookers.  A couple weekends ago, Charlie Sheen went to Vegas looking for a good time.  And a good time he had. Sheen’s infamous bender included $26,000 worth of escorts, shitloads of cocaine, and appearances from porn stars Bree Olson and Michelle McGee (Jesse James’ ex-mistress).  The only thing that could have made that weekend better was the addition of a God damn camcorder.  I want to see that shit, not just hear about it.  Anyways, it seems Charlie is back at it.  Mr. Sheen was having a banger (no pun intended) at his house with porn stars Melanie Rios and Kacey Jordan, a business associate, and several other woman.  It’s not sure whether or not they all banged, but my money is on yes.  Oh, the party also included a briefcase full of cocaine.  Surprise.  Well, I guess the party was too much because Charlie was rushed to the hospital yesterday morning with pain resulting from a hernia.  Was it the cocaine or the massive orgy that did him in?  Neither.  Apparently Sheen scored a hernia from laughing too hard.  Hahahahaahahahahaha good one.

Look at Ron Jeremy creeping.


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