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January 26, 2011 / Tye Cobb

Jersey Shore Is Going To Italy

Jajajajajajaja.  For real though, the cast of Jersey Shore will be partying it up in Italy for their 4th season.  My bet is this will not turn out well.  From what I hear, Pauly D and company weren’t well received when they went to Miami.  And if that’s the case, they stand no chance anywhere in Europe, never mind Italy.  Especially since most of them aren’t even full Italians.  The whitest member of the bunch, Vinny, is the only full Italian, whereas Snooki isn’t one drop Italian.  The rest are all mutts.  So hopefully Ronnie and JWoww stay on for next season because they are going to need some serious muscle just in case shit goes down.  Though, if the mafia decides to get in on the fun, not even Snooks stands a chance.  Have you ever seen The Godfather series?  They play reall dirty.


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