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January 4, 2011 / Tye Cobb

What Santa Brought Me This Year

Considering how good I was this year, I was expecting a visit from Jesus Christ himself.  That obviously didn’t happen because you all would have known.  I would have videotaped that encounter real quick and sold it to TMZ for a shit load of cash.  I could be drinking champagne with Jennifer Aniston on the beaches of St. Tropez as we speak.  But no, instead I’m sitting here at home about to eat Subway, mentally preparing myself for the greatness that is the 4th season of The Wire.  Still pretty good I guess.

Besides the no show of Jesus, Christmas still brought me wonderful gifts and wonderful company.  I don’t mean to brag, but my family does Christmas the best.  No lie.  We wake up, open half our gifts, eat breakfast, open the rest, then relax.  Later during the day, after maybe watching a Christmas movie, we have a Santa Claus scavenger hunt.  My dad hides a miniature Santa Claus figurine somewhere within the first floor.  This year my dad had hollowed out the bottom of a stick of butter and placed the Santa in the opening.  Unfortunately, my brother found the figurine and won the $100 prize.  That douche.

Some things I got for Christmas after the bump.


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