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December 22, 2010 / Tye Cobb

UConn Women Set Record

89 straight wins?  That’s fucking impressive.  Like really impressive.  But can ESPN go back to the NFL and NBA and those very short NHL highlights that I’m so accustomed to watching.  No offense to the UConn women’s basketball fans, but if that 7 foot girl from Baylor isn’t their opponent, I’m not all that interested.  And that sadly goes for most of women’s sports.  Here’s the facts – men watch sports, not women, so keep that in mind.  Maybe your grandma will watch a game here or there, but for the most part it’s guys tuning in to ESPN.  And unless it’s women’s volleyball, guys just don’t really want to watch women’s sports.  Nothing against them.  I mean, their pro at what they do.  Michelle Wie, Maya Moore, and Jennie Finch would beat my ass and most other guys at their respected sports, no doubt.  But they just don’t compare to men’s sports.  Any person saying they’d rather watch the WNBA over the NBA is plain lying.  It’s just not as exciting.  Go watch 2 minutes of an NBA game and tell me it’s not more exciting to watch.  So congratulations on the record UConn, but I won’t be watching you guys until the NCAA championship.  And even then I will probably only watch the last few minutes.  I doubt it will be close anyways.  And be easy with the death threats, eh.


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