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November 17, 2010 / Tye Cobb

Wednesday Want


I’m sick of waiting for the IPhone to hit Verizon.  Shit’s getting old.  That’s why a new phone is on my radar – the Blackberry Style.  First, it’s a flip phone.  Holler.  It’s about time they start a comeback.  This means when I’m bored, I can fling my phone open and closed (don’t tell me none of you scrubs used to do that back in the day.)  Second, do you see that big ass screen on the front?  That’s so money.  And third, it reveals a full keyboard when opened.  That’s something I need, something I want.  Now I know the Style is only available through Sprint right now, but it will be coming to Verizon soon.  Wait, that’s the same promise Apple has been promising me with the IPhone for at least a year.  Fuck my life.


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