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November 16, 2010 / Tye Cobb

Seriously, You’re Against This?

During my recent travels to Chicago, I came in contact with my first body scanner, or backscatter, at the airport.  I had no idea what it was nor why I was being chosen for this scanner rather than the run of the mill metal detectors.  To be honest, I could have cared less either way.  I just wanted to board the plane and get to Chicago.  I can’t stand airports or flying.  But now all I hear is outrage towards these new additions to airports.  It’s sexual assault, so on so forth.  I really don’t understand the problem, or maybe I’m simply missing it.  But here’s where I stand – if these machines will further help prevent things like 9/11 from happening, I’m okay with it.  The TSA agents can see everything under your clothes when submitted through the body scanner?  Who gives a fuck.  It looks like a xray image anyways.  I understand why people are upset, claiming privacy issues, but when some dude pulls out a plastic explosive hidden in his underwear on your plane, you’ll wish that they had kept those body scanners that you were bitching about.  But I will totally change my mind if word comes out that these backscatters are harmful to your health.  I won’t be having that shit.


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