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October 25, 2010 / Tye Cobb

The Undertaker Rules UFC 121


Brock finally lost.  Cain Velasquez, more than 20 lbs lighter than Lesnar, was able to tame the beast and win over the heavyweight belt in Saturday night’s UFC 121.  Big news.  Yes.  But I’m more intrigued on an incident that happened after the fight.  AOL Fanhouse was doing an interview with WWE wrestler The Undertaker post-match, asking questions and getting answers, you know, the usual.  Then out of the corner of the screen comes Lesnar exiting the ring.  The Undertaker and Lesnar then exchange in this bad blood stare down, you know the kind of stare down you see at a bar right before pool sticks and Rolling Rock bottles are being thrown, resulting with a frat boy being sent to the hospital.  Probably because his Letterman jacket got cut, and he’s afraid it’s going to die, so he thinks the hospital is the place to go to stitch/staple it back up, thus saving its/his life.  Idiot.  Anyways, The Undertaker then asks Lesnar “You wanna do it?”  Now if I didn’t know any better, given The Undertaker’s dirty/gay biker image and Lesnar’s farm dwelling/Deliverance background, a meet up at the local Motel 8 would be the answer behind Undertaker’s question.  But I know Lesnar was a former WWE wrestler and Wrestlemania is near.  Thus, this little spat could have something to do with Lesnar taking a little leave from the UFC and fighting in an upcoming Wrestlemania match with The Undertaker.  That Vince McMahon is a genius.  Link to the interview here.


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