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October 22, 2010 / Tye Cobb

Mel Gibson Screwed Over Again

Well this just ruined my day.  First it was his wife, and now it’s Hollywood.  It is apparent the cast of The Hangover, or shall I say Mr. Zach Galifianakis, wasn’t too fond on the addition of Mel Gibson to their upcoming movie, so the director decided to cut his cameo completely.  Ok.  So let me get this straight – everyone was straight with Mike Tyson being cast on the first Hangover but they have issues with Mel Gibson being cast in the second?  Well that makes complete sense.  I suppose I’m just bitter because I thought they could have done so much with Mel.  It’s just a shame personal beefs have to get in the way of business/entertainment.  The guy is still an exceptional actor.  Who the hell cares if he has some slight problems.  It’s not like he physically hurt someone.  He didn’t join the clan or punch out Justin Bieber after calling him a fag.  Get a fucking grip.  The Hangover 2 might still end up being the funniest movie next year, but it missed the boat on possibly being the most memorable movie of next year also.


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