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October 12, 2010 / Tye Cobb

The Brett Favre “Scandal”

I’ll get to the “scandal”, but first I got to get something off my chest.  Damn do I wish I could pull off jean shorts like that.  Obviously Brett Favre was a Wrangler dude even before the awesome commercials.  Much respect.  But moving on now.

When Brett Favre signed with the New York Jets in 2008, it seems that he formed some kind of relationship with team hostess Jenn Sterger.  Reportedly, Favre sent racy voicemails and texts to Ms. Sterger, one voicemail reading “Send me a text.  Love to see you tonight.”  Favre also apparently sent a text including a picture of him holding his average sized junk.  Now I refuse to believe these allegations because there is no way Brett Favre is only average size below the belt.  Just not possible.  And also, Favre is my homeboy.  He’s the guy that every dude wishes he were friends with.  Just who he is.  But upon second thought, Ms. Sterger is quite the looker.  And Brett Favre is Brett Favre; he’s an all American country boy who turned into one of the best NFL quarterbacks ever.  And he’s rich.  And he’s a dude.  So the story becomes a little more believable, especially if Ms. Sterger was sending some flirtatious signals Favre’s way.  I just hope this news story doesn’t find its way into the NFL where suspensions and/or fines are sent Favre’s way, which is the rumor circulating.  This is a matter between Favre and his wife, not Favre and the NFL.


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