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October 8, 2010 / Tye Cobb

SunChips: You’re Doing It Wrong

So SunChips takes a step in the right direction and creates a compostable bag for their chips.  That’s great.  The new bags are a little louder than the previous ones, but that’s an easy compromise when we’re talking about helping out the environment.  Well, at least you’d think so.  A Facebook page labeled “Sorry I can’t hear you over this SunChips bag”, along with a few YouTube videos demonstrating the loudness of the new bag, was all it took for SunChips to scrap their new biodegradable concept.  What a joke.  I mean, unless you carry around a bag of chips with you throughout your day, you really won’t have to worry about your SunChips interrupting your phone call with a client.  And maybe you do end up encountering your dreadful SunChips bag when you decide you want an addition to your lunch.  Well, I did the math and it takes only a few seconds to retrieve the bag and pour some chips onto your plate.  If you can’t suck it up for that minute amount of time, go play in traffic.  My boy said it perfectly – that’s just some ignorant shit.


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