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October 8, 2010 / Tye Cobb

Cigar Guy

Damn, look at this picture.  We got the perfect action shot of Tiger Woods at the Ryder Cup sending a golf ball right at this camera.  That’s quite the snapshot. But it gets cooler.  Check to the right .  Look at that dude with the cigar in his mouth and that kick ass mustache.  That my friends is Cigar Guy.  He’s been a hot topic on the news, Sportscenter, and the web the past week because of this one picture.  Talk about stepping in shit, huh?  Hopefully he milks the hell out of it and gets some commercials in.  Maybe a guest appearance on CSI.  Who knows, but I’m rooting for him.  Any dude that can pull off that Selleck mustache, a cigar, and that weird ass toque deserves some damn Hollywood attention.  Some past Cigar Guy sightings after the bump


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