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October 7, 2010 / Tye Cobb

How To Keep A Stocked Fridge


This dude is too generous.  He devotes his whole fridge, with the exception of some novelty items, to keeping women comfortable and relaxed at his house.  And the assortment is ridiculous.  He offers a different drink for each type of women.  For instance, the mature women, the suburban chicks, the hood chicks, the classy boochzy? hood chicks, and the holistic, earthy chicks all have their own spot in the fridge.  This dude even opens his pantry door for the heavier women because he feels for them when they start breathing heavy.  Damn.  This guy is the epitome of selflessness.  He even goes as far as allowing kids to play his PS3 or Xbox, while they slurp his ice pops and drool on his rug.  Props to him.  Get money, get paid.


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