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September 29, 2010 / Tye Cobb

Wednesday Want

A new workplace at the homestead.  Working off of a TV tray and my couch just aint cutting it anymore.  So a nice office equipped with a nice leather chair, artwork on the walls, scotch and a couple glasses, maybe a white board somewhere in there, a ping pong table, a bomb-ass couch, etc., etc., would be ideal.  My dad and I actually started converting the upstairs of our barn/garage into offices for the both of us.  The framework went up rather smoothly, but sadly that’s as far as we got.  Other projects started inching in and somewhere along the line our new workplace got pushed to the back burner.  So hopefully we can get that done this fall/winter.  If it does get done, I’ll be sure to post pictures so all of you can suck it.


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